Hi, I’m Thomas Loupe. I’m a game designer, producer, composer and sound designer located in Orlando, Florida. I’ve created soundscapes for film, video games and media along with three albums of electronic music under the artist name of First Sun. I’ve also worked with  well-respected companies, including WWE-NXT and Paramount Pictures, composing music and creating official remixes. I also like working for live, charity, and fundraiser events.

I was born in the mid 80’s and grew up playing various brass, stringed and percussive instruments even though I never knew how to read sheet music for any of them except brass instruments. During the mid 90’s I became fascinated with computer technology, programming and video games. Because of the rising influence and popularity of the industrial and techno music scene, and countless hours of Quake and Unreal Tournament, I began creating music as a hobby. In 2008, I joined the United States Army and was medically discharged after  three-and-a-half years of service. In my free time, I played video games and recorded my own guitar sessions. I wanted to start a band but quickly found that reliable members with enough passion and time to dedicate was a pretty difficult task. After months of searching, I set out on my own creating music using FL Studio, a very popular Digital Audio Workstation. If I wasn’t creating music I was playing video games.

In 2010, I applied for a Quality Assurance position for the game Natural Selection 2, a Half-Life mod-gone-standalone. After working as a Quality-Assurance Lead I was asked to take on the role of Assistant Sound Design for Natural Selection 2. Sound design was new to me but I knew I could learn a lot and was eager to jump in and learn everything there was to know about it. In 2011, while working on NS2, I released my first electronic music album, Recalling Life. I wasn’t pleased with the quality of the album, so I started college at Full Sail University to be professionally trained by award-winning artists, producers, composers and professors. While not in class, I stayed at home working on sound design or music compositions. I’d play video games for a while and then harness in my mixing and mastering skills. During my long adventure of honing my craft, Natural Selection 2’s official release hit Steam and claimed three awards, including Best Indie Game of 2012. Two years later, in 2014, I released my second electronic album, Nerd Language. The album went on to be a very successful, getting picked up by Pandora and Spotify and generating a bit of popularity for myself. After my personal success  I withdrew early from college and decided to move back into game design. I joined up with a talented group of individuals and co-founded, directed, sound designed and composed music for Faultline Games, a UK games company which would go on to release NS2: Combat, a science-fiction first-person shooter.

Presently, I’ve had the honor of working with very talented and well respected individuals and companies in the game industry doing sound design, game design and music composition. I’ve had the opportunity to work with those whom were responsible for the games I grew up  playing.

My goal is to inspire others through my passion for music, sounds and games. I hope to one day meet someone who was inspired by my creations, and watch them make something far more amazing than I could ever imagine. It is the continuation of the full cycle of inspiration that drives my passion for what I do, and it’s the inspiration in that passion that leads to great new inventions and ideas. That’s what I live for, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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