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Thomas Loupe

Sound designer and composer.


Thomas Loupe

Thomas Loupe

Sound Designer and Composer

Hi, I’m Thomas. I’m a sound designer, producer, composer and game designer. I’ve created sound effects and music for film, award-winning video-games and media.

I was born in Florida and grew up playing various brass, stringed and percussive instruments. During the mid 90’s I became fascinated with computer technology, programming and video games. Because of the rising influence and popularity of PC Games and the industrial and techno music scene,  I began creating sounds and music as a hobby. One thing has remained consistent throughout my life, and that’s my passion for sound. I enjoy working with all aspects of audio, whether it be an alien screaming and clawing, or music.

My goal is to inspire and entertain others through my passion for sound design and music in games, and to deliver a remarkable, memorable experience to people through my work that consistently raises the quality bar.


Professional Design.

5+ years of professional sound design and music composition experience using top quality plugins, software and hardware. Trained by industry professionals on a broad range of courses, including MIDI, Digital Audio Workstations, Digital Consoles, Music Theory, Recording Principles, Mixing Techniques and many more.


Not Some Audio, All Audio.

My audio skills cover almost every game genre, including FPS, RTS, RPG, ARPG and Fantasy/Sci-Fi games. I have three years of experience using FMOD, an API used for implementing audio, and can easily learn and adapt to other sound APIs because of my familiarity. I compose music for multiple genres, ranging from Cinematic and Orchestral to Metal, Dubstep, Funk and Pop.

Teacher and Student.

I’m not scared to ask for help when I need it. I utilize every resource available to me and learn from them, putting great ideas, design workflows, tips and tricks in my toolset. Part of achieving objectives quickly and efficiently is knowing your own limitations, and learning how to get past them.

Full Understanding of Game Design.

With previous positions ranging from game director and company director, I’m highly experienced with the processes of making games, game audio and music. I have a great understanding of what each person’s role is, what they do, how they do it, and use that knowledge to help deliver the best content possible.

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