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Are you a podcast host, livestreamer, visual artist, remixer, comedian or music critic and want to use a First Sun track in your material? Have a look at the following guidelines to ensure you comply with fair use and United States law. Educate yourself on the four pillars of fair use or contact me if you have any questions.


Are you a business/ professional entity that needs professional music and/or licensing for a First Sun track or album? Are you a content creator that makes more than $15,080 yearly from your content? Contact me for a commercial license or a quote for your own musicIn addition to adhering to fair use laws, additional leniencies permitted include, but are not limited to the following:

Live-streams of games, podcasts, or videos you’d like to have music to where the track you have chosen is accompanied by other media. You may monetize your content without a commercial license.

In order to use any First Sun music track in your content, the music must meet one of the following guidelines:

  1. That you are providing content in a means that is not extremely offensive in nature. Categories that are deemed as offensive are: hate speech, racism, promoting or inciting acts of violence to real-life individuals, or domesticated animals (cats, dogs, etc). Comedy acts are exempt from this clause, but must still adhere to United States law regarding acts of violence or hate-speech.
  2. If you are re-uploading a First Sun track that isn’t accompanied by other material, the track you use music must be significantly transformed (IE: Remixed, mashed up, etc).
  3. The content you are releasing is not a product for sale. Examples include, but are not limited to, computer software, computer hardware, physically or digitally purchasable items.
  4. If you are a streamer or content provider and your content brand earns, or is expected to earn more than the yearly minimum wage requirements of the state of Texas ($15,080.00/yr), you must purchase a commercial license, there are no exceptions unless an exclusion has been signed and provided in written form by First Sun.


Use the music to create mashups, remixes, accompany livestreams, intros and outros to your own content.

Use the music to promote a registered non-profit organization.

Use the music as a backing track to an educational, instructional or musically critical video.



Re-upload the music by itself without significantly transforming the work.

Claim rights to the music without a commercial license. 

Monetize a video that contains the music unaccompanied by other forms of media. Still images are not acceptable means alone unless the images are consistent with typical photo albums (family, pets, friends, etc.)

Use the video with other copyrighted content that you do not have/own a license to unless the copyrighted content is also covered under fair use.

Resell the music. 

Use the music to promote a paid product of any kind without a license. Amount earned or not earned is not an exemption to this rule.

Use the music if your brand or content earns over the TX yearly minimum wage and you do not have a commercial license.

Claiming ‘no right’ to the music or claiming the music is being uploaded for the sole purpose of ‘education’ or ‘criticism’ is not a valid or legally accepted means for using the music unless the claim may be significantly backed (IE: you are a music teacher, a high school teacher, or university professor, a music critic with a background in providing musical criticism on a regular basis, or as a significant part of your brand).

Doing any of the listed actions, whether intentional or not in the “Don’t” section is illegal, and content that falls within this category may receive DMCA requests, or legal action. If in doubt, please contact me!