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Recalling Life


Track Listing:

1. Post-Destruction Voyager
2. First Glimpse
3. Black Box
4. Journey Home
5. Recalling Life
6. Jimmy The Tech


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High-ranking council members seek to gain money and power after refusing to send resources to Earth from Gliese 581g. Officials on Earth threaten to shut down the Gliese colonization project, and The Council orders a devastating attack in retaliation, destroying all life. A group of individuals set out on a mission to re-establish contact with Earth, only to find it has been destroyed. The individuals dedicate their lives to shut down the corrupt council and bring back a functioning society by infiltrating the core of The Council.

The entry-level1, low-fi album released as an experimental project. Six tracks of thematic sci-fi-influenced music with an original storyline and a chill-out vibe. Recalling Life is the first album released by First Sun, introducing a minimal approach and ending with a quirky, game-styled victory track.

1. As the first album ever released by First Sun, Recalling Life is an amateur album, with very little mixing or mastering.